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Clean Boost Pedal – When Do You Need It?

A clean boost pedal or boost pedal is a piece of electric guitar equipment used to boost its signal volume. This product may be available, but it doesn’t mean that you need one. It’s important to understand the timing involved. There are sets of circumstances that would necessitate a clean boost pedal. In certain situations, it makes sense to buy this piece of equipment.

boost pedal


If you’re the typical musician, you probably know how expensive creating music can be. I don’t think you need me to explain to you the cost profile of sophisticated music editing software. I’m sure you’re familiar with other guitar accessories that you’re thinking of buying, or you’ve already purchased.

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How to Become a Better Piano Player?

how to become a piano player

Whether you are an advanced piano player or a beginner who just started, you always need to learn new techniques and tips to improve your performance, but sometimes, these tips are difficult to understand and practice. It is pretty natural to feel disappointed when you cannot follow the instructions and as a result, you are unable to progress. For your ease, here are a few very easy and straightforward techniques that will make you a better pianist.

Practice as much as you can

Indeed, practice makes a man perfect. Hence, you need to practice playing regularly. If you have a busy schedule, try playing the piano for at least half an hour a day. Whenever you have free time, practice as much as you can. For example, on the weekends, you can play for a couple of hours or more.

The next thing to do is to listen to the piano piece or song you are playing. For instance, when you are about to play a new piece, you can try searching the internet for its video or audio and listen to how it sounds. Listening is beneficial as it not only teaches you to play the piece but also allows you to recognize the emotion that the piece gives off. Since you cannot break the rules, make sure you do not look at the dynamics when playing a piece. If a piece beings with an ‘mp’ (mezzo-piano), it means moderately soft, but these dynamics do not have particular volume levels. While practicing, you do not need to play accordingly as you will have difficulty in hearing yourself.

Sight-reading is very helpful when playing the piano even if you make mistakes. It enables you to understand and comprehend what the passage is trying to tell you before you actually read it and helps you know what comes next. Eventually, you will stop making mistakes.

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Well, if this term Stompbox sounds familiar  to you, then you have a mind that is quite aligned to exploring the various forms of musical instruments. Typically, a Stompbox is a percussion instrument that consists of a box (mostly wooden) that can be stamped or tapped to produce a bass drum effect. Now the question would be what is a percussion instrument?  It is a musical instrument that produces sound by being struck, rubbed or scraped, much like a drum or a tambourine. A Stompbox also known as  “pedal” is usually a small plastic or metal box placed in front of the musician on the floor and connected to the instrument and the amplifier with patch cords. The pedals may have knobs for controlling the tone, volume, and intensity of the effect.

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5 Highest Notes When Recording Vocals


What are the highest notes you can possibly record in the studio with a human voice?

The human voice is incredible as it can cover a wide range from extremely low to extremely high notes. But there’s a downside to this. If you’re recording vocals, you can only cover so much in the vocal range of any person before it is deemed impossible or impractical to do so. That is unless you’re doing an experiment and you wish to see just how high a note people can possibly hit while in the vocal booth.

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Unique Drums Using Layering

layering drums


Getting the perfect drum sound is one of the hardest things to do in the studio. This is a constant source of headaches for sound engineers all over the world. If you want to record percussions and make it sound new, unique drums need to be employed to produce fresh beats.

And here’s a secret most sound engineers know that the general public doesn’t: sound engineers love to use the low pass filter to reduce inconsistencies in the tracks they record.

One of the reasons why producing excellent drum sounds is a challenging aspect during the recording session is because it is a multi-faceted instrument. A basic drum set is made up of a kick drum, a snare, 2 toms and a crash and ride cymbal. All of these components produce different sounds and because of their close proximity to each other, have the tendency to bleed into one another.

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