What are the highest notes you can possibly record in the studio with a human voice?

The human voice is incredible as it can cover a wide range from extremely low to extremely high notes. But there’s a downside to this. If you’re recording vocals, you can only cover so much in the vocal range of any person before it is deemed impossible or impractical to do so. That is unless you’re doing an experiment and you wish to see just how high a note people can possibly hit while in the vocal booth.

There are 7 vocal ranges classified for the human voice. Starting from the lowest, we have the Bass followed by the Baritone, Tenor and countertenor. These voice ranges are usually reserved for male singers as these are associated with low register to mid register. It is possible for a female voice to hit these notes too but for most women, they are more comfortable in the higher registers. Women’s voices usually fall under these vocal ranges: contralto, mezzo-soprano and soprano.

We’re going to focus on people who are comfortable recording the highest notes in the recording studio. So, naturally, what we’re going to be focusing on are people included in the soprano range. What are the notes people who are considered as sopranos hit?

Sopranos generally hit the middle C up to the High A with ease.

This is an amazing feat for any person to achieve in the recording booth but it is not something you’d wish to prolong as singing at this level can become very exhausting to listen to (from a listener’s point of view) or even maintain (from a singer’s point of view). From a musical standpoint, the ability to hit such high notes should be done to emphasize a point but not be the entire content within a song.

You see, music is dynamic and it should be allowed to peak and volley. Keeping it constantly on high notes is going to work against the song as a whole.

Unless the entire point of why you’re recording is to capture such a track with highest notes possible in it. It’s tricky but it’s possible. And you’ll need to have a very capable mic to capture the high frequency sounds as well as have a room that allows for the singer to hit high notes without the room’s ambience interfering with the high frequencies associated with the high notes.


There are also sopranos that have vocal ranges that span two octaves so they can start out from the middle C and hit the highest C with ease. This means that the highest notes one can hit when recording vocals is the highest C. A half step from that note is the B note followed by A #, A and G#.

These are the 5 highest notes you can record with vocals.

It is possible to go above the notes listed above as demonstrated by a few exceptionally gifted singers like Mariah Carey but then again she uses it as a trick to make the song even better than if she’d only sung it without hitting those whistles.