A clean boost pedal or boost pedal is a piece of electric guitar equipment used to boost its signal volume. This product may be available, but it doesn’t mean that you need one. It’s important to understand the timing involved. There are sets of circumstances that would necessitate a clean boost pedal. In certain situations, it makes sense to buy this piece of equipment.

boost pedal

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If you’re the typical musician, you probably know how expensive creating music can be. I don’t think you need me to explain to you the cost profile of sophisticated music editing software. I’m sure you’re familiar with other guitar accessories that you’re thinking of buying, or you’ve already purchased.

Many musicians have so much equipment lying around, and for the most part; they don’t really need them. They only use a tiny fraction of all this equipment. Instead of seeing pieces of metal and plastic, look at them as dollars and cents lying on the floor. That should bring the message home. These were not free; you spent a lot of money on them. That’s why it’s important to know when you actually need to buy an equipment or accessory.

In many cases, buying a clean boost pedal may seem like an unnecessary expense. I totally get that. Why spend your hard-earned dollars on something you don’t really need? This is why I’ve phrased this article along the lines of when you’ll need a clean boost pedal.

Low guitar signal volume

The main consideration for buying a clean boost pedal is the guitar signal volume. Maybe the specific model and make of the guitar you’re using is known for particularly low signals; or your PA system runs quite short, as far as signal volume goes. There are many reasons why your guitar signal is on the low side. A clean boost pedal can definitely increase its overall volume in such cases.

But, let’s not end the analysis there. It also depends on what kind of music you play. Various types of music have different volume fluctuations due to the genre being played.

It is very useful for country songs

If you play country-Western music, using a clean boost pedal can definitely improve your overall sound. While you can still play the music without it, it won’t sound as good. Country music has certain progression and sound patterns that benefit from this piece of equipment. You are able to make transitions better; the overall volume and perception of the sound are much smoother. If you’re trying to create the best impact with your Western songs, you might want to invest in this equipment.

If combined with medium to high-output picks, it can produce a “creamy” sound

If you’re looking for a smoother sound, you need to invest in both the right boost pedal and a high-output pick. This combination can smoothen out your sounds and make your guitar “creamy.” Certain songs require this effect. Again, just having a guitar doesn’t guarantee the right sound. You also have to play the right type of genre, and you need to make sure you have the equipment that optimizes the overall sound of that music.

Good for blues music

Blues music is one of the most formulaic genres out there. Don’t let its simplicity fool you. What separates great blues music from mediocre or flat out terrible music is how the notes hang. When you use a boost pedal, it creates an overall boost and volume when you need it for your blues song.

The typical blues chord progression goes from peaks and valleys for maximum emotional effect. It would be too bad if you cannot make that transition with the proper power and focus it deserves. This is how you can differentiate really great blues musicians from mediocre ones. It all boils down to rendition. This is where the small nuances between peaks and valleys really kick in and using a clean boost pedal enables you to adapt to those transitions. Given enough practice, your blues songs can pack the right amount of emotional heft.

It can give your amp a push for an overall better sound

Another reason why you should consider getting this equipment is the need to boost your amp. A lot of guitarists think that an amp is good enough for creating the right sound, which is absolutely wrong. One piece of equipment can go a long way in helping you reach that right range, in which you often have to use a combination of different equipment to produce a better overall sound. It’s one thing to go through the notes of a composition; it’s another to flawlessly execute it. Using this equipment can help you achieve your overall sound quality goals.